Market Mini: Peer-To-Peer Lending Offers a Sense of Financial Victory in Trying Times

The Denver Broncos won the AFC Championship this year, and the city of Denver really came out and supported the team. We have music, we have theater, but above all else, we have sports. Consequently, no other team seems nearly as important as the Denver Broncos. Six months after the Super Bowl, the Broncos can… Read More..

Entries Do Not Matter

From the very first moment fledgling traders look at their first chart they being taught all the exciting things which seem to matter and none of the (somewhat) boring things that really do matter. More often than not there is an almost obsessive focus on trading tools, various indicators du jour, technical analysis in all… Read More

No Crying Over Spilled Milk (Or Beer)

I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. Here we were trying to short this bitch several times in the past two days which on my end resulted in three ignominious stop outs – the last one at 1982. Only 1.5R lost, so it wasn’t a big deal but pretty much what I told… Read More

Five Critical Building Blocks to Creating a “Dream Team”

Hi Everyone – Matt’s wife – Liz here. I am going to be a guest contributor to Matt’s blog from time to time! I am going to write on various real estate topics as well as business strategy. For over a decade, I helped leaders from many different industries build and retain high performing teams… Read More

Making proper use of your advisor

If you have an investment advisor, you want to make maximum use of them as trusted members of your financial team. A fee based investment advisor is held to a fiduciary standard, meaning they must put your best interests first. This should mean that they can serve as a sounding board for your financial decisions… Read More

Where China Goes To Outsource Its Own Soaring Labor Costs

30 years ago, the great outsourcing wave took millions of US low-skilled jobs and planted them right in the heart of China, which was about to undergo the fastest industrialization-commercialization-financialization experiment in history. $ 26 trillion in bank assets later, the world's biggest housing bubble, and a teetering financial system that every day depends on… Read More

8 Pieces of Advice Newbies Can’t Afford to Ignore

I met a client last week who told me something that really touched my heart. He said “Amanda, looking back on the last 5 years of investing in real estate I realized that I have made so many mistakes along the way that were so costly. Does that happen to everyone and what could I… Read More

Iraqi Oil In Context: 60% Of OPEC Growth Expectations

While Iraqi crude represents about 4.4% of world production, or around 3.4 mmbd (5th largest in the world);   enabling investors to shrug at any fears that ISIS will spread to the South and interrupt this supply (since it will be 'contained'); what many do not comprehend is that in such a tight oil market… Read More

Inflation: Another “False Alarm”?

From Gavyn Davies at the Financial Times: Another false alarm on US inflation? There have been a few false alarms about a possible upsurge in inflation in the US in the past few years, even as core inflation on most measures has remained extremely subdued. ... Another such scare has been brewing recently.... It now… Read More

Why You Should Trade Forex

  QUESTION: "Faced with two choices, the easy (fast) option or the harder (slower) option, which would you choose? This is not a trick question. Promise. No surprise if you went for the easy/fast choice. Our guess is that 99.99% of people would have answered that. It's human nature. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all. Who honestly chooses the hard/slow route anyway? Truth is… Read More

Thursday: New Home Sales, Unemployment Claims and More

The scams never end, and this one was really disgusting (ripping off people in financial trouble) ... from the LA Times: Authorities crack down on mortgage-relief scams nationwide Federal and state officials filed lawsuits accusing dozens of companies of ripping off struggling homeowners by falsely promising help in avoiding foreclosures or lowering mortgage payments while… Read More

The Real Estate Investor’s Guide To Never Giving Up

Failure is a loaded word. Throughout school as young men and women, we’re taught that if you don’t make a certain grade, you have failed.  In the real world, however, failure has a different face. In most cases, there are allowances for mistakes and setbacks, but none of these are necessarily failures.  You learn from… Read More

What Is Our Level of Confidence that We Will Reach Our Financial Goals

In a previous post we discussed a couple in New Jersey who wanted to know if they are “Financially Secure”. In the same meeting, they asked “What is our level of confidence that we will reach our financial goals?” This is a very typical question.  It’s a frequently asked question because clients have little knowledge… Read More

It’s Not What You Do; it’s What You Don’t Do

In providing sales training to financial advisors, I often see planners with many great ideas. They offer multiple investments, insurance options or they are CPAs providing investment advice. For a business owner, it’s often fun and entertaining to find new ideas to sell and ways of going after clients. But it takes significant discipline to… Read More

Inflating the Big Mac One Calorie At A Time

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) in June increased 1.8%. This increase was driven by the escalation of oil prices. However, this rate of increase is slower than what consumers are experiencing. This post has been updated from our post on May 15, 2014. Continuing our research into using the Big Mac as a gauge of… Read More

Bill Ackman’s attempt to destroy Herbalife has had exactly the opposite effect

So much for delivering a “deathblow” to Herbalife. That’s what the hedge fund manager Bill Ackman vowed to do on CNBC yesterday, prior to his screed against Herbalife today, which lasted more than three hours. After promising to offer the clearest evidence to date that the international nutritional club is a giant pyramid scheme that preys on Latinos, the hedge fund maestro didn’t deliver… Read More